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Finally decided to start your own on-line business, but donít know how? Have existing e-commerce solution, but need some changes? Need some consult to improve your site performance?

I can help you!

Iím professional web-developer with strong knowledge of modern technologies, which can save you from headache and improve efficiency of you website or web-sollution.

With help of wide experience of development, i can advise you or provide you of the best way to fulfill all your needs.

Start your on-line business right now with low costs and best quality!

"We worked with Alex as a freelancer for a long tme. During this we did a lot of job: site development, installations. He was consultant in several our projects. And always we achieved best result."
Tabata Thomas, Hallow Web Productions, Inc.

"With help of Alex we have improved several our sites. His advises and brilliant ideas really helped us. Nice guy to work with and higly recommended."
Duane Bell, http://www.scenarioball.com